AICROS, the Association of International Clinical Research Organizations, is a consortium of small to mid-size CROs that collaborate to provide clinical research services to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and device industries worldwide. PROMETRIKA joined AICROS in 2018 and on May 29 -30th, PROMETRIKA’s Head of Clinical Operations, Heather Paden, attended the AICROS Annual meeting, which took place in Kaunas, Lithuania.

AICROS is comprised of CROs hailing from all corners of the globe, providing sponsors with local experts who create tailor-made solutions for clinical development programs. PROMETRIKA is the sole US member of AICROS and is responsible for providing full services, including clinical operations, regulatory, pharmacovigilance, and medical monitoring services, for trials in the US and Canada. The consortium and other partnerships enable PROMETRIKA to deploy an extended team of regional experts with deep regulatory expertise and unmatched knowledge of local requirements throughout the world.  

The AICROS Annual meeting is hosted each year by a different member CRO. This year, BIOMAPAS, our partner covering the Central and Eastern Europe, Nordic and Commonwealth of Independent States (former Soviet Union) countries, hosted the gathering. While members who are involved in international projects together communicate on an ongoing basis, our annual meetings provide an opportunity to exchange industry updates and recent company experiences in the field, which allows each member to learn from the valuable experiences of their partners. Members analyze success stories and the challenges they faced during the year, in order to improve both our services and our collaborations. We discuss our goals in terms of business development, marketing, and mutually executed projects.

In addition to PROMETRIKA, Molecule 2 Market, a CRO located in Australia, and ACRO, a CRO located in South Africa, joined AICROS in 2018. During the annual meeting, delegates from member companies were able to meet face-to-face, getting to know the founders, leadership members and other AICROS collaborators better.

Personally, I really believe in AICROS’ potential to make a meaningful impact on the drug and device development industries around the world, and I am confident that together we are the ideal solution for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device sponsors’ multinational studies. As a group, we are committed to providing high quality clinical research services that employ our local expertise and flexibility, setting us apart from the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach of our competitors.