Many clinical research professionals can add a string of letters after their signatures, such as CCDM (Certified Clinical Data Manager), to show that they have obtained certification in their profession. Certification is issued by an accrediting body (such as the Society for Clinical Data Management) to those who pass a comprehensive examination. Certification is recognized throughout the clinical research field as a sign of professional competency and knowledge of clinical development in the pharmaceutical industry.

What about medical writing? The American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) awards certificates based on completion of its courses. AMWA provides education – tools to learn to become a better medical writer – but not certification – proof that a medical writer can meet professional standards.

Medical writers have long wanted their own certification – and it’s coming. In conjunction with AMWA, the Medical Writing Certification Commission has now developed the MWC™ (Medical Writer Certified) credential. Medical writers with two years of paid experience can obtain this certification by passing an examination that covers the knowledge, skills, and abilities a medical writer needs to gather, evaluate, organize, interpret, and present medical information. The first examination will be given on September 30, 2015, at AMWA’s 75th Annual Conference in San Antonio. Soon, the letters MWC™ may appear after signatures of medical writers on your project teams!

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