A message from PROMETRIKA’s President and CEO

The Global COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound impact on communities and individuals worldwide.  Our daily lives have changed drastically and the sequelae of this pandemic are likely to be long-lasting. PROMETRIKA continues to monitor the evolving picture of COVID-19 spread worldwide as well as the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies’ and clinical research community’s extraordinary and tireless efforts to combat this disease by developing vaccines and novel treatments. In these unprecedented times, we remain focused and committed to our core values of excellence, flexibility, and above all caring for the well-being of our sponsors, patients, employees and their families.

Work from Home: Since mid-March 2020, the PROMETRIKA team has worked 100% remotely and our leadership team has been focused on ensuring completely seamless continuity of operations and delivery of services with the excellence that you have come to expect from us.  Our robust computer systems including well-planned safeguards and redundancies managed by our highly expert technology team continue to enable the efficient delivery of clinical trial services to our clients.     

Remote Monitoring of Clinical Trials: In collaboration with our sponsors, we have suspended all business travel including our CRAs’ monitoring visits to clinical sites and have successfully replaced on-site monitoring activities with comprehensive remote monitoring.  We have the expertise, established processes, and requisite technologies to ensure the integrity of the clinical trial process is validated remotely for our ongoing studies.

Client Communication: We continue to keep all of our clients informed about our response to this crisis by providing updates via email and through regular governance calls. Our client community continues to express their confidence in our ability to conduct their clinical trials with utmost professionalism and expertise.  We are honored that our clients regularly request our input and leverage our expertise to shape, re-evaluate, and modify their own strategies for dealing with the impact of this pandemic on their ongoing clinical trials.  We continue to provide ideas and solutions to our sponsors to mitigate the impact on the conduct, data management, and statistical analysis of current trials.  

Doing our part in fighting COVID-19: We appreciate the opportunities afforded to us by our clients to conduct, manage, and analyze data for clinical trials of treatments for COVID-19.  We have successfully initiated a fully remote COVID-19 study evaluating a treatment for patients with this life-threatening viral infection. We are proud to be able to contribute to the tireless and comprehensive efforts of our industry in the search for therapeutic tools to combat this daunting pandemic.

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