Summer & Fall 2023 Yunyang Zhong

My name is Yunyang Zhong, and I recently graduated from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health with a Master of Science in Biostatistics. I was introduced to PROMETRIKA at a Harvard career fair and my background in longitudinal analysis, survival analysis, and clinical trials matched perfectly with the Biostatistics Intern position. The internship started in the Summer of 2023, which extended into a part-time position in the Fall 2023 while I returned to school. I transitioned to a full-time Biostatistician role upon graduation.

Under the supervision of the Associate Director of Biostatistics, I assisted in designing tables, figures, and listings (TFLs) shells, contributed quality check analysis datasets and TFLs, and performed statistical reviews. I garnered profound insights into procedures on the industry side of clinical trials and familiarized myself with different standards and regulations for FDA submissions. I engaged with several consulting projects focused on early-stage trials and had first-hand exposure to the intricate considerations that underlie sample size determination, randomization plans, and the non-statistical design aspects in the early stages of a trial. My involvement in a rare disease project featuring a natural history component as an alternative to a conventional control group was particularly enlightening. While I had previously encountered the concept of natural history studies, this project provided a great opportunity to understand pivotal decisions surrounding data selection, cohort determination, limitations of such studies, and potential bias toward certain participants.

Through this internship, I participated in clinical research across its diverse stages, and I am excited to start a long career in biostatistics! The internship experience was a perfect opportunity to immerse myself in the industry and gave me a preview of day-to-day responsibilities of a Biostatistician. The working environment at PROMETRIKA is friendly and collaborative, and joining such a warm and efficient environment pushed me to grow faster. This internship allowed me to show my potential and prepared me to pursue a career in a clinical research organization.

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