March 1 2023 Assir Abushouk

I had the opportunity to attend the 2023 PHUSE conference and explore the latest advancements in clinical data analysis through engaging workshops and presentations. Key topics included CDISC Analysis Results Standards, SDTM mapping recommendation engines, incremental automation using machine learning, and Leadership and professional development. The conference provided valuable insights into emerging trends and technologies that are shaping the future of clinical research.

The Hands-on Workshop presented by CDISC’s Analysis Results Team was of particular interest to PROMETRIKA’s Statistical Programming team. As a company that places a strong emphasis on statistical programming excellence, PROMETRIKA is interested in CDISC’s efforts to develop standards that improve the automation, reproducibility, reusability, and traceability of analysis results. During the workshop, I was able to take a deep dive, together with the other attendees, into the use and application of these formalized CDISC analysis results model/schema using a common set of safety data displays, while also testing the model for themselves and providing valuable feedback.

Machine learning (ML) was one of the most important themes of this year’s PHUSE Conference, and there were two related topics that caught my attention. Roche presented their SDTM Mapping Recommendation Engine - Acorn - which utilizes ML and natural language processing to suggest SDTM mappings based on metadata, making it highly accurate for Findings Class domains or when domains/variables have associated controlled terminology. Meanwhile, the presentation on Balance Between Humans and Machines introduced how natural language processing (NLP) can help synchronize specifications and code for clinical data analysis algorithms. These innovations demonstrate how AI and ML can significantly improve processes within clinical trial data analysis. As a company that values innovation and efficiency, PROMETRIKA is keenly interested in exploring ways to leverage technology to enhance our services. The statistical programming team is currently investigating technologies that could improve efficiencies in our current processes.

As a manager of Statistical Programming, attending the PHUSE conference has given me insights on leadership and professional development in the statistical programming field. I have learned the importance of being flexible, adaptable, and future-proofing my team’s skills and have committed to supporting the future of the statistical programming team at PROMETRIKA by initiating programs to learn R and other programming languages in addition to SAS. PROMETRIKA keeps the future in mind when making decisions and supports its statistical programming team by providing them with opportunities to learn new skills and technologies that keep them ahead of the industry curve.

Aside from the informative and engaging sessions, I had the opportunity to connect and network with other professionals in the industry during the conference. With a diverse range of attendees from various companies and backgrounds, the conference provided a platform for like-minded individuals to come together to share ideas and make new connections, catch up with old colleagues, and establish potential collaborations. These networking opportunities allowed for the exchange of knowledge and expertise beyond the conference sessions, contributing to the overall success of the event. Overall, the insights and practical solutions presented at the PHUSE conference align with PROMETRIKA’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the clinical research industry and continuously improving its processes and methodologies. By attending this and similar events, I, along with PROMETRIKA’s Statistical Programming Department, stay informed of the latest developments and innovations and incorporate them into its work to better serve its clients and ultimately contribute to the advancement of medical science. See the PROMETRIKA Statistical Programming team at PharmaSUG (May 14th-17th 2023) where we will present three papers.


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As a company that places a strong emphasis on statistical programming excellence, PROMETRIKA is interested in CDISC’s efforts to develop standards that improve the automation, reproducibility, reusability, and traceability of analysis results.

Assir Abushouk

Assir Abushouk

Manager, Statistical Programming

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