Last October, Susan Boquist, Associate Dir., Statistical Programming, traveled to CDISC International Interchange in San Diego, California to present the poster, “Creating Harmonious SDTM Domains”.   The poster was created in collaboration with Principal Statistical Programmers: Elena Prosekova, Natalia Quinn and Sofia Tyryshkina. 

Mapping raw data into standardized, tabulated data sets can be a daunting task, especially if one has not done it before. Even seasoned mappers could use the help of some additional ideas and tips.  The poster shared the authors’ thoughts, suggestions and examples to help turn a cacophony of raw data into a standardized symphony that will flow into analysis.

The poster was well received and Susan handed out a number of postcard sized replicas for interested attendees. A second opportunity to present the poster, along with a paper, at PharmaSUG in San Francisco, CA in May 2020, was unfortunately lost when the conference was cancelled due to COVID-19.  The authors are hopeful that they can present their techniques at next year’s conference.

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