PROMETRIKA - 20 Years of Quality, Integrity, and Innovation!

Over the past 20 years, not only have we helped our clients bring life-changing drugs to market, we have also become key thought leaders in the industry.


PROMETRIKA - Innovative Approaches for Tackling Complex Trials

Miganush Stepanians, PhD, PROMETRIKA’s President and CEO, and Benny Chan, PROMETRIKA’s Senior Biostatistical Standards and Implementation Specialist, participated in a panel discussion with industry experts titled Innovative Approaches for Tackling Complex Trials. Recently, there has been a tangible increase in study complexity. Complex trials pose new challenges for study teams, including patient recruitment, informed consent and retention, data management and interpretation, statistical and logistical complexities, regulatory hurdles, and stakeholder cooperation. This panel discussion will center around strategies to address trial complexity and simplify trial conduct by design. What you will learn in this session: * The impact of the problem on clinical trials today (Patient, Site, CRO, Sponsor) * Success stories in handling various complex trial designs * Future opportunities to run complex trials more effectively

Migration of Rave Coder

PROMETRIKA Data Management and Database Programming successfully implemented Rave Coder on an existing study in Rave following the decommissioned of dsNavigator. Synonym lists were created and tested in the PROMETRIKA sandbox before Coder was implemented. Synonym lists for Medical History, Concomitant Medications, and Adverse Events were programmatically generated from the last dsNavigator export file. PROMETRIKA successfully completed the multiple steps to ensure Coder could seamlessly continue activities in an ongoing study.

ePRO Data Integration with Rave

PROMETRIKA LLC was one of the first Medidata CRO partners to become accredited in the Patient Cloud platform. In this presentation, you will hear about the usage of a fully integrated ePRO solution with Rave and Patient Cloud.

Study Conduct Medical Coding

In this session, Cathy Hult, Senior Manager, PROMETRIKA, LLC presents PROMETRIKA’s recent experience implementing the Medidata coder after many years of using an external, standalone, coding tool.

The Era of Flexible Monitoring: Centralized Data Review and TSDV

Upgrade to RaveX - It's Worth It!

RaveX cloud-based EDC software is improved! We discuss the differences between Rave and RaveX, including new EDC User Interface updates, changes in Navigation within RaveX, updates to Task Management, changes to the subject home page, and improvements that allow quicker data entry. We create a subject in RaveX, enter and edit data, perform tasks on log forms, and review features that are no longer supported, why they are not supported, what will replace them and the planned availability of these features.

NEXT NYC l October 2018 l Breakout Session l Why Rave EDC?

Presented by
Amanda Rychel, PhD
Senior Project Manager, PROMETRIKA, LLC

RaveX is the latest version of Medidata’s popular EDC solution for collecting clinical trial data. Its predecessor, “classic” Rave, has been in use in the industry since 2001. PROMETRIKA has successfully navigated the waters of this new Rave user interface (UI) and its Cloud Administration component. There are a number of advantages to adopting these newer products in your organization. Watch the video and learn how.

PROMETRIKA Discovers the Power of a Unified Platform

Hear from PROMETRIKA on their unified platform approach to data collection across complex trials.

Data Certainty in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond: from eSource to Submission

Chelsey Ryan, Senior Clinical Trial Manager, PROMETRIKA, LLC joined this MassBio panel discussion on the imperative that clinical trial sponsors embrace technical innovation to meet the demands of today’s world. This forum focused on how tools such as eSource and Direct Data Capture help trialists make confident, informed decisions, ensuring certainty of data from initial collection to regulatory submission.

PROMETRIKA - 20 Years of Quality, Integrity, and Innovation!

Over the past 20 years, not only have we helped our clients bring life-changing drugs to market, we have also become key thought leaders in the industry.