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  • All clinical data managers (CDMs) are familiar with the difficulties of ensuring that laboratory values are compared to the local laboratory normal ranges that were valid at the time of the measurement. In studies with many local laboratories, and in global studies, the same test may be reported in different units across the study. To help alleviate these problems, some studies use central laboratories. Yet there are some problems with this approach as well. Shipping samples from study sites to the central laboratory incurs extra cost and runs the risk that the sample will be unusable when it arrives. 

  • Due to the worldwide pandemic, the CDISC European Interchange, originally scheduled to take place in person in Berlin, Germany, was presented completely online. Susan Boquist, Associate Director, Statistical Programming, took advantage of the accessibility and logged in at 3:00 am her time both mornings. Though it may have become an April Fool’s Day to remember, with only a few weeks’ notice, the organizers were able to make the format transformation flawlessly. The conference schedule was consolidated into one track. A networking app was employed to allow for attendees to easily communicate with each other, ask questions of the presenters, and view and vote on the poster presentations. Training and workshops were rescheduled for another time. It was so successful that everyone hopes the organizers will consider adding a virtual option for future conferences.